At the hospital we find many scenarios spaced in time only by a brief TOC TOC… In each scenario we find a set of multiple and varied spectators: patients, staff, companions, … Each scenario becomes different depending on the situation, the spectators and their emotional and health status.

You will agree that in this way, it is very difficult to get there where laughter is hidden with a written script!!! Today #SupervisoraBotiquina talks to us about the importance of the improvisation technique when making a Clown intervention at the Hospital:

“… Hospital Son Llàtzer, a Wednesday with #ValentinaLaVentolina and #SupervisoraBotiquina…

The wonder of improvisation is that you never know what can happen, or where the story and the script can go. This work is like that. We are clowns, writers, companions, creative, available… Listening is important not only for the duo, but also for oneself and for the setting; there is also the main listener, the patient and companion, and the listening will change in each room depending on the situation.

Today we played in a room while we surprised the audience and ourselves with laughter, fun and much madness. One thing leads to the other and not knowing how, we end up taking a shower (symbolically). While Valentina does the action, Botiquina turns into water, then into the air that dries her hair and finally into her fragrance, hanging from her neck. It’s funny that something so abstract and ridiculous can be created out of nowhere and understood perfectly by all parties (clowns and audience), becoming a funny story “.